Super Food Snack Blend


Hipster Health Snack Blend

 Always on-the-go?  Our Hipster Health Snack Blend is made for you.  Chock-a-block with nutritional goodness, this seed-a-licious snack is perfect for those with a hectic lifestyle looking to supercharge their diet on the run.

 Don’t judge them by their size…  Seeds might be small, but they’re mighty strong in the nutritional stakes.  We’ve combined sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and flaxseeds to ensure all bases are covered in this tasty snack blend. 

This mix is loaded with fibre, minerals, protein and healthy fats to keep you running your best all day.  Not only will this provide you with that much-needed gentle energy boost, but you can rest assured these seeds will be working toward supporting you in the long-run too – aiding digestion, bones and muscles, immunity, the heart, the liver and the brain – helping you to achieve optimal health and well-being on all fronts.

Perfect for any time of day, add this mix to your morning breakfast or smoothie, or take along to the office as an afternoon snack for a long-lasting energy lift.


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