Super Food Porridge


Low calorie Super Food Porridge has been carefully crafted with the best tasting ingredients to leave it bursting with flavour. One delicious serving of Super Food Porridge will help to boost your energy and keep you fuller for longer whilst the unique super food ingredients will aid in weight management whilst helping you to look and feel great all day long.

Each serving of Super Food Porridge contains nature’s secret medicine, Chia seed as well as Goji berry, Cranberries and Oats. Chia seed is packed full of super-charging nutrients such as, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, fibre and protein to help keep you healthy and full of energy all day long! The Goji berries and Cranberries do not just taste great, they are also packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. In addition to this, porridge oats themselves contain a high amount of fibre, which can help to improve digestion and lower cholesterol.

This low calorie, energy boosting and mouth watering porridge is the perfect way to start your day. Super Food porridge is available in two flavours; Chia seed,Flax,Cranberry & Goji berry and Chia Seed, Flax Seed,Cranberry & Cocoa.

Benefits of Super Food Porridge

Aims to help weight management
Keeps you fuller for longer
All natural non-gmo, vegan ingredients
Slow releasing energy
High in protein


The Superfood Ingredients:

Porridge Oats
Goji Berry
Flax Seed


Serving Instructions

Mix approx 33.3g of Super Food Porridge to 150 – 200ml of coconut, almond or regular milk – microwave for 2-3mins stir and enjoy


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