Platinum Bundle


The Platinum Bundle  is  for the seasoned superfoodie; enough Gojie Berries and  Superfood Porridge  to feed your classes for weeks! Exclusive to this bundle is our Superfood Snack Blend, a delicious and versatile granola mix.


Platinum Bundle £249.99
Chia 1.5kg £32.99
Coco 1kg £29.99
Coco 1kg £29.99
Goji Berries 1kg £29.99
Goji Berries 1kg £29.99
Ground Flax Seed 1kg £29.99
Ground Flax Seed 1kg £29.99
Superfood Porridge 2 month £59.98
Wheat Grass 1k £29.99
Chia- Coca 1k £39.99
Superfood Snack Blend 1k £39.99
Regular price £382.88



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