Hipster Healthy Hamper 1 Month


With full and busy lives, there just isn’t the time to shop for individual and healthy superfoods. So we’ve put together a terrific hamper in one convenient box.

The ingredients in the Hipster Healthy Hamper will ensure all your meals are empowered with nutritious and delicious, extra special superfoods.

Raw Chia Seed – 1 Month 200g / 2 Month 400g / 3 Month 600g / 6 Month 1200g

(Chia from ancient Mayan meaning strength)

Raw Ground Flax Seed – Month 200g / 2 Month 400g / 3 Month 600g / 6 Month 1200g

(A rich source of micronutrients)

Raw Wheat Grass Powder – Month 200g / 2 Month 400g / 3 Month 600g / 6 Month 1200g

(Packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll)

Porridge Oats – Month 300g / 2 Month 600g / 3 Month 900g / 6 Month 1800g

(Very low glycaemic index, which facilitates slow absorption into the blood stream and therefore sustained energy levels. Especially good for breakfast.)

Raw Cocoa Powder – Month 200g / 2 Month 400g / 3 Month 600g / 6 Month 1200g

(Chocolate delicious and full of antioxidants)

Goji Berries – Month 100g / 2 Month 200g / 3 Month 300g / 6 Month 600g

(Great for the immune system)


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For a full range of ideas for easy superfood cooking, we’re also enclosing access to three terrific eBooks to help you maximize your personal intake of powerful superfoods.

Chia Seed Recipes eBook

Flax Seed Recipes eBook

Goji Berries Recipes eBook

Wheatgrass Recipes eBook

Cocoa Recipes eBook

Hipster Health Foods –

Helping to Keep Your Mind and Body

Active, Fit and Healthy

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