Ground Flaxseed


With a reputation as one of nature’s finest superfoods, Flaxseed comes with a number of exciting health benefits. 
Containing an unusually high amount of fibre, one of Flaxseed’s biggest assets lies in its ability to support and promote healthy digestion.  Acting as a natural laxative, it ensures the steady passage of food through the intestines, ensuring your gut is in tip-top working condition.  It is this fibre content that has also seen flaxseed hailed as an effective aid to weight loss, speeding up the metabolism whilst also keeping you feeling fuller for longer.
Flaxseed also comes in top of the leader board in the “healthy fat” stakes.  Serving as a rich source of omega-3, Flaxseed provides a number of other vital health benefits.  Omega-3 has been shown to lower blood pressure, maintain heart health and even elevate overall levels of well-being and happiness – leading to a shinier, healthier you.
Flaxseed can be sprinkled over almost anything - your favourite veggies, morning cereal, favourite smoothie…  Add to any of your favourite recipes for an extra health-kick.

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