Chia Coco


We’ve combined two of the most nutritionally rich superfoods on the planet to create this mind-blowing, energy-boosting concoction of all-round goodness.  Separately they’re impressive – but together, it’d be fair to Chia Coco blows its superfood competition out of the water.
Chia seeds and cocoa are jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, fibre, iron and protein.  This wealth of nutritional goodness will leave you feeling strong and healthy on the inside and out. 
A natural anti-depressant, cocoa boosts serotonin levels, directly elevating levels of happiness and well-being.  And consisting of 40% fibre, chia seeds serve as one of the best sources of fibre in the world.  This makes them a fantastic support for digestion - with many believing that they can even aid in weight loss.  Also high in protein, chia makes a super companion to the vegans and veggies amongst us.
Add these superfoods to your smoothie, or sprinkle into your favourite dessert recipe for double the nutritional boost.

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