Partnering with Hipster Health

This is an opportunity for you to sell the Hipster Health range without the need commit to housing any stock. You simply direct your customers to the Hipster Health website with your own unique discount code and you receive a cheque each month. Easy!
By  joining the Hipster Health team you will:
  • Receive a Hipster Health Starter Pack 
    • These are discounted bundles of product for you to enjoy, but also for you to demonstrate and educate your customers with, so that they can learn and understand each of the product benefits, and how to use them.
    • These come in 3 different tiers – the higher the tier the larger the discount will be
    • Detailed information on each product and ingredient, and four eBooks filled with recipes that you can teach
  • Become a Hipster Health Sales Affiliate 
    • Your customers will all receive a 20% discount on the Hipster Health product range
    • You will receive 10% of all sales on all products sold using your unique code, paid at the end of each month. The more you sell, the more you will earn!
  • Receive you’re own 30% personal discount on the Hipster Health range, christmas cards and special gifts on impressive sales